It's a Mad World

The Betrayal

After asking for help from the few people left from his home town, Dr. Wiley went into hiding. He sent out his plea to anyone who might be alive that he could trust. Those that received the message went to their home town trying to locate the good doctor only to find the town destroyed. After a little confusion caused by the characters having changed so much over the last 15 years they eventually recognized each other and did a little catching up as well as attempting to locate the doctor. However there was little information to be found about what happened.

Eventually though they were able to locate where the good doctor went and what had destroyed the town. The method of destruction was a powerful ship known as a Dragon Dreadnaught.

Our intrepid group of heroes went to meet up with Dr. Wiley and get some more information. They found out that he had discovered some very potent technology and was working with a few research partners, as well as asking for assistance from some allies form the past to fix some glitches in his technology.

One of the Doctor’s allies, Dr. Kobayashi, was able to give quite a bit of information, while another Dr. Hernandez informed our heroes about a deal that he had to help Dr. Wiley with perfecting his technology.

In the end one thing was abundantly clear. Someone had betrayed him. Someone who knew of his research is trying to kill him and was willing to destroy an entire town to get their way. Doc. Wiley won’t be safe until this person is stopped and he has an adequate means of protecting himself.

Drax 8/20/12

Finding out his hometown was destroyed was quite a blow to Drax. After escaping slavery the town was his first breath of fresh air. It allowed him to find himself again, not as a dangerous assassin. The crazy old scientist had taken Drax under his wing and was helping reintegrate him into society.

Until his death Drax regretted hunting down the Splurgoth ambassadors in Canada. He always felt he could have done something if he was there during the attack. From the time of the incident people tried to explain to Drax there was nothing even he could have done, but he does not deal well with things close to him being taken away. There are very few things that remind him of a time before he was a killer and in one fell swoop many of his memories were destroyed.

It was clear the crazy old scientist wanted Drax to work with his old classmates. He knew he would have to protect them as they sought vengeance for the destruction of their hometown.

-The Survivor


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