tattoed destroyer and assassin


Brown eyes
Lots of tattoos covering his upper body. A few on his legs.

Not having a physically impressive build he is normally pretty meek. When he grows to a 30 foot destructive monstrosity.


Growing up in school most people knew Drax as Timmy. He was a quiet and somewhat antisocial kid. The only reason he had any social interaction was because Brendon took him under his wing.

After high school Drax went to travel the world. He was captured as a slave by the Splurgoth. Being relatively weak willed they realized his potential as a slave. He was trained and given powers to be a body guard and assassin. During his time as a slave he committed unspeakable crimes.

Before he lost complete touch with humanity a true atlantean shaman rescued Drax from slavery. To pay off his debt of freedom Drax took up undead slaying. He became a powerful undead slayer. Once the debt was paid he parted on friendly terms.

Drax escaped back to Canada with the help of the True Atlantean underground and the shaman. He was living with the crazy scientist for a bit of time while he was being reintegrated into society.

At one point during his recovery, there was word of one of his slavers making their way to Canada. It was time for Drax to get his vengance. While on his assassination mission Drax received a strange message from the crazy old doctor in a computer probe.

When he followed the message to his hometown he found it was destroyed. While searching through the wreckage he found some of his old classmates. People looking to fix things, and people that remembered him before he was a monster. He had found a group worth protecting.


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