Thadeus Aaron Grant

Mercenary with a heart of Zinc


Thad is tall. That might sound like an odd statement, but that’s normally what sticks out in people’s minds. He’s six feet and eleven inches tall. He has jet black hair and muddy brown eyes. He wears his hair short and slicked back. He’s fit, but not over the top. If someone with the right knowledge were to look closely enough they would notice that he is a partial conversion cyborg. Most notable are jacks that tap in along his spinal cord, which hook him up to his armor.

A complete breakdown of how Thadeus spent his character points can be seen here.


Thad grew up always being a little different than what other people expected. Because of his height and size, everyone always assumed he was a jock of some kind, but he spent most of his free time in the library or with that crazy old inventor.

He was the talk of the town as he performed exceptionally in school. Everyone was sure that he was going to be the next crazy inventor. However he got into a fight and accidently killed the other kid. Even his friends turned on him, because he was so much bigger. He’s still not sure why he did it. SO he did what any 15 year old kid would do. He ran.

With no money and no job experience, he did what he could to survive. With his size, he soon found a way to do security work. It wasn’t long until a gang recruited him. He soon had a reputation to where people came looking for him. He then signed a contract with a powerful company who gave him more money than he could have ever dreamt of for ten years of service. Those ten years were up last year.

During his time as a mercenary he bought many tools to make his life easier, but one of his best investments as a suit of experimental armor. Although the suit was discontinued for “irregularities” Thad is very fond of his. He also purchased a few cybernetic implants for himself, making him able to compete with the rough life on the streets even when his armor is tucked away.

With most of the money gone, he’s taken to freelance work to make a living. Life isn’t easy, but for a mercenary who has a suit of experimental anit-psionic armor with the ability to neutralize large crowds at one, life is a little bit easier than for most.

Up until recently he was contemplating of coming back home, finding out if things had ever blown over and settling back in.

Thadeus Aaron Grant

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