Thadeus' Armor

Suit of Powered Armor


A powerful suit of powered armor that interfaces directly with his mind through a series of specialized terminals in the suit that hook directly into his spinal cord.

Granted Powers:

  • Enhanced Defenses: +33 PD / +33 ED (Total 35/35)
    Hardened +1/4, Impenetrable +1/4, and Resistant +1/2 – Active cost 136 pts.
  • Mind Shield: +10 DMCV – Active cost 30 pts.
    OIF -1 – Final cost 15 pts.
  • Adrenaline Shot: 5d6 Aid – for REC, STUN, and BODY
    Expanded effect (works on three characteristics) +1, Trigger +1/2 – Only activates when REC, BODY, or STUN reach 0 – Takes no time to activate – Active cost 75 pts.
    OIF -1, Self Only -1, Charges 3/day -1 1/4, Only 1 use at a time -1, Only restores to starting values -1/2 – Final cost 13 pts.
  • Super Sonic Flight: 20m flight
    Mega Scale 1m = 1km +1, Costs no END +1/2 – Active cost 50 pts.
    OIF -1, Requires a roll (Powered Armor Piloting – only to activate rockets.) -1/2, Jams (Glitch in the programming – the entire system must be rebooted before another attempt to fly can be made – reboot takes 10 minutes.) -1/2 – Final cost 17 pts.
  • Armor assisted running: Running is less tiring (his increased speed is a function of cybernetics, but the suit makes it less tiring for him to run.)
    Costs 1/2 END +1/2 – Active cost 10 pts.
    OIF -1 – Final cost 5 pts.
  • Life Support: Self contained breathing, Safe environments – Low Pressure, Vacuum, High Pressure, Radiation, Heat, and Cold, Immunity to all terrestrial diseases and poisons. – Active cost 24 pts.
    OIF -1 – Final cost 12 pts.
  • Anti-Psychic Retalliation System: Unified/Linked Drain and Aid 6d6 to Speed and Dexterity
    Expanded Effect (works on two characteristics) +1/2, Trigger (Takes no time to activate, only activaes when armor blocks an OMCV attack) Active cost (Drain) 120 pts and (Aid) 48 pts.
    OIF -1, Charges 3/day -1 1/4, Unified power -1/4, Only one use at a time -1, Limited Power (Only works against Psionics – target must be using a power fueled by Endurance Reserve [I.S.P.]) -1 1/2, Linked -1/2 (aid only) – Final costs (Drain) 20pts and (Aid) 7 pts. – Final power cost 27 pts.
  • Gyroscopic Counter Balance System: -15m Knockback resistance – Active cost 150 pts.
    OIF -1, Requires a (Powered armor piloting) roll -1/2 – Final cost 6 pts.

Total Cost of Thadeus’ Armor – 163 pts.

GM’s note: Although his armor is very powerful – the hero system cautions strongly about throwing all your eggs in one basket especially when dealing with something like a focus. Also since it is armor it can be destroyed. Thadeus has a few tricks up his sleeve. First off he has lots of skills along with high stats, so he’s rather useful in or out of armor. Second his OCV is the same outside his armor, and he still has his Laser cannon. So while he is a lot more squishy outside of his armor he is still someone not to be messed with. Third because of the insane PD/Ed of the armor it is not easily destroyed and he has the means to fix it. It’s also written into his story on how he can acquire a new suit should this on be destroyed. (Although it would take quite a bit of work.)

In short if you plan on throwing a lot of your eggs in one basket like Thadeus make sure they are useful even when disarmed.

Gm’s second note: Some things will require explanations, and may not be allowed. For example with flight instead of megascale there is a multiplier for non-combat movement. I went with mega-scale instead because he has afterburners that increase his speed ridiculously, and he pays for it with the multiplier for mega scale. Since this increases the cost by 40%, it would be a lot cheaper to have a huge multiplier for non-combat movement, so in the end it’s six of one and a half dozen of the other. However the player would mae a good argument that he can kick in the after burners in the middle of combat, but loose his ability to attack and loose 1/2 his DCV. So the GM, would then rule in his favor. Thus you have a mega-scale flight power.


There are many powers in the world of Rifts Earth. One of them is a company in Europe called Mindwerks. One of their more potent and promising pieces of technology are anti-psionics. One of their ideas was to make a powerful strike force. Capable of rivaling anything on the face of the planet. In order to achieve this aim they made four suits of experimental armor to find out which one performed the best. Unfortunately in the end all four were failures. However Thad was able to purchase his.

His suit was officially called the Null-Psy X14. It was discontinued because of “irregularities”. Which including a flight system glitch, anti-psy defesnse system glitch, and mini missile reloading problem. Despite all these problems the suit performed admirably and Thad has been appy to pilot it.

Thadeus' Armor

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