Character Creation

So the basic idea of this game, is a story, plot, and character driven game. There will be combat in all it’s forms since it is a very dangerous and unpredictable world. There are many elements to make this a successful game starting with character creation. Besides making believable characters, you will also need to design characters that believably fit together. Also there are going to be several things that I will ask you to fit into your character’s story.

First you must figure out your character’s pesonality when you were young.
Second you must figure out how you worked in the social situations.
Third you must figure out how you knew/interracted with a key person in the sotry a crazy old inventor.
Fourth you must figure out what happened in the last fifteen years to your character.
Fifth you must figure out how this changed your character’s personality.
Sixth you must figure out how yuo will interact with the different character based off the changes in your personality.

Walkthrough of character creation for Thadeus Aaron Grant.

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Character Creation

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