Explanation of using the hero system

Rifts is one of the most inventive game systems I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and as an example of being about the fan and not wealth for the creator or the company, they have stuck with the same system devided decades ago. I truly appreciate this, because nothing is more frustrating then dropping a few hundred bucks on a group of books just to have the company release a new version every five years. That having been said I’ve never been a fan of the percentile skill system or the level system, so in a perfect world they would start over just once to make the system exactly how I want it.

Thus comes in the Hero System. These guys have a great system that is more in line with how I like to do gaming. They also have a great story, and the champions books have always been well done. However I just like the storyline of Rifts better.

So in short I’m taking what I like the best from these two very well done systems and putting them together.

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Explanation of using the hero system

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