So here’s how it goes. Every character can get up to 75 extra points at character creation. There are going to be several ways to earn these points. I will add more as I think of them. This is for two purposes first and foremost, with the curent campaign, there is information that hasn’t been added to NPC’s and I have gone several weeks without updating the Adventure Log just because of time constraints. If just one or two other players helped add stuff, the log, items, and characters sections would better represent the current status in the game.

Second, while I don’t expect people to obsess over this stuff like I do, thre are sometimes where we leave off in the middle of something and we come back the next week and some people haven’t thought about it at all. No big deal, unlike me people have a life. However if they just took 30 minutes to do a character diary entry every other wekk I think they would then think about those issues and the game would flow more smoothly. (I could always be completely wrong though.)

Also if anyone has some other idea for something that they think they can do that will add to the game, feel free to send me the suggestion.

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