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Endurance Reserves: There are only three kinds of endurance reserves in the world of Rifts. P.P.E., I.S.P., and a Battery. Because of this, certain things are more/less powerful. This canges the adders or limitations of a power quite a bit. I will give an example. Let’s say you have a power that only targets a specific type of endurance reserve, such as P.P.E. – let’s say a magic drain power. In a standard hero system game would give a -2 as a conditional limited power that almost never gets used (since very few beings have magic.) However in Rifts about 25-30% of all creatures have some sort of magic and therefor they get to use this limited power less than half the time which is only a -1 1/2.

Types of Power: All powers and abilities come frmo one of three categories – technology, magic, or psionic. Technology might be a little of a misnomer, since an alien who naturally can spit acid would fall under this category also. The long and the short of it is this about one half of all powers will be based on technology with magic and psionics forming the other half. All powers must fal into one of these three categories, however you can describe it more completely to gain a -1/4 limitation. Example: Tom is playing a ley line walker who can create magical energy blasts. However to liven things up a little he decides to describe the powers further, saying that he is summoning balefire and thus the power is magical fire. This means that people who have special defenses against both magic and fire would be able to apply them to his magical blast.

This kind of description also might give the player more ideas. Going back to the example: TOm decides he likes the idea of balefire also continuing to burn his target over time and lower their magical defenses. This helps him create a more realistic and interesting power than just “Magic Blast”.

STUN: Normally when a character takes more STUN damage (after subtracting armor) than they have CON they are stunned. However the way that I am working it, with the lower armors and higher BODY and STUN ratings, people would be stunned every other time they got hit. So Instead the damage (after subtracting for armor) must be double your CON.

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