The Mad World

Rifts Earth is a large and confusing place. You could spend years reading all the books to fully understand the world. Heck I have, and I don’t even understand it all. It’s a world filled with Alien Intelligences, Magical Creatures, Powerful Robots, Cyborgs, and much more.

The long and the short of it go like this – Nuclear Holocaust causes the pyschic energy of a billion people to be released almost simultaneously. This leads to a chain of events that causes rifts in the fabric of space and time to appear.

Now all of the sudden all sorts of creatures take an interest in Earth. The Rifts and magic ley lines are powers to be used, ancient societies come back (most notably Atlantis). Things get very complicated very fast. I’m not going to give a complete run down of everything in the world. There are dozens of books covering tons of different countries, groups, races, and even other worlds. I will give a brief description of the most important stuff on each of the major continents though.

North America
South America

I really cannot do these continents or countries justice by the brief blurbs I’m putting up. If you would like to have travelled far and wide and would like more information on different locales, please let me know and I will put more up.

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