Directly north of Hamilton, Ontario there is an even smaller town of Burlington. This is where a group of youngsters grew up not that long ago. As time went on things changed as they always do. Eventually they grew apart until none of them kept in contact. However this all changes when a horrific event brings them back to their little quiet old town to find out it has been destroyed.

Hamilton, and by extension Burlington, is a rather odd little place. In the middle of northern america, right next door to The Coalition States, they have a community that is roughly half D-Bees and magic is accepted. They have a large military force to keep them safe and are on generally good terms with every country around them.

In a world gone mad, they strive for normalcy.

However a lot has changed since Burlington was destroyed. People don’t stay out at night, people eye their neighbors a little bit more. Really in a few short months the town has gone from a nice 1950’s friendly neighborhood feel to a 2000’s people stay in their own backyard and rarely talk to their neighbors feel.

This is because they don’t know who to trust, the general idea is that someone had to sell them out to the coalition states, so perhaps their street might be next to be destroyed. Most people do not know that what really happened was a failed over the top assassination attempt.

GMs Note: Because of the backstory of this game, the players are limited in certain regards. For one they have to all be willing to help this crazy old inventor. Maybe he was a mentor, maybe they’re a cyborg now and got some of their parts from him. Whatever the reason doesn’t matter just that they will. Also they had to get along with each other back when they were kids, true they have gone their seperate ways and are probably all a lot different now, but at least at one time they were good friends.

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