Thad's Explanation

Thad has a solid concept, one of the first hurdles I had to overcome is that you never want to have too much invested in one focus. If you loose that weapon, armor, etc. you’re up shit creek. So I toned down the armor, instead givin him a lot of the powers through cbernetic enhancements. While this cost quite a bit more it makes him effective even outside of his suit.

His suit is a primarily defensive power, but does aid him in taking down psionicists.

His weapons originally started out as one beefy gun, set up as a multipower with different power settings. This was fine and dandy, but it jut didn’t fit. A mercenary who was supposed to be equipped for all types of situations has a giant laser cannon, so this became lots of weaker weapons. Now he can decimate a crowd with his flamethrower, take out small pockets of resistance with his missile launcher, and even gt up close and personal – with crowds using his shotgun, or one on one with his vibrosword.

One of the biggest problems characters will face is getting around. There is no translatlantic airlines, because of all te problems associated in the world. Thad’s way around this is his hyper sonic flight (When at top speed he can fly approx 18k mph – since the world has a circumfrance of 24k – you are never more than 12k from a location.) Because of this flight he can get anywhere in the world in about 45 minutes.

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Thad's Explanation

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